Why You Should Take The Enrolled Agent Exam If You Are Earning Your Finance Or Accounting Degree

By | June 12, 2017

If you are in school earning your undergraduate degree in finance or accounting and are looking for a career opportunity after you graduate, you should consider earning your IRS enrolled agent certification.  While the IRS enrolled agent exam, does not require you to have a four-year degree, the fact that you have a degree in finance or accounting will make you much more desirable.  Not only that, but enrolled agents are in high demand and while your other classmates are taking unpaid summer internships, you can get a paid job in your field, if you have your enrolled agent certification.

You may be wondering what an enrolled agent does and if there are a lot of jobs for enrolled agents?  In general, an enrolled agent is someone that handles corporate or individual tax disputes directly with the IRS.  The great thing about becoming an enrolled agent is there are a number of companies that hire IRS enrolled agents throughout the year or you can work yourself and establish your own hours.  Not only that, but the enrolled agent exam is not very difficult if you put in the time to study for the exam for a few weeks.  Making earning your enrolled agent certification very obtainable over summer or winter break.  Once you receive your passing score, all that you need to do is send in your registration documents to the IRS, and wait for them to send you your registration information in the mail.  Compared to obtaining your certified public accounting license, the entire enrolled agent exam is extremely easy and doesn't take a lot of time to complete.  The exam covers individual and corporate taxation, and there are only 100 multiple choice questions to answer in each section.  Additionally, if you should fail the exam, you can take the enrolled agent exam as many times as you need to pass.

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