Why Raised Access Floors

By | June 19, 2019

Want to get out of conventional choices and look for something new for your floor? If the answer is yes, try the elevated access floor.

Floor access to core wood is the most popular among the many varieties available on the market. They are not like Chinese laminate flooring materials, where the core is very abrasion resistant. Instead, the elevated surface of the wooden floor is covered with PVC or HPL tiles, making the floor surface wear-resistant.

The raised access floor (Also known as ‘ชั้นทางยกที่สูงขึ้น’ in the Thai language) is meant for a different foot feel, something which will definitely make you feel better. The wood core raised access floors are the most popular amongst the so many varieties that are available in the market.

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For anyone who wants a waterproof floor, wood core variation is not the right way. If you are open to a softer look, carpeted RA floors might be more suitable for you.

Carpet, HPL, and PVC floors are the perfect solution for cement filler panel floors. Likewise, for anyone who wants a ventilated floor, the raised floor is a good choice.

Here are some benefits of elevated floor access.

Cooling. It is important to maintain a very optimal temperature and elevated access floors offer unique cooling features. They can be a base for cold air and are conditioned to distribute uniformly below the center of equipment.

They reduce contact between the concrete foundation and the floor, allowing conditioned air to spread upward with increased effectiveness through carefully placed diffuser tiles and channels.

Fire Suppression.  The raised access floor helps reduce this risk by providing excellent copper network grounding capabilities and electrical continuity.

The floor is also not flammable, with a fire barrier that is very well located between the cables below and the equipment above. Automatic fire shutdown can be installed below, which will prevent the fire from spreading.

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