What To Consider When Doing a Website Redesign

By | November 14, 2016

4 Important Aspects Toronto Web Design

Firms Need to Consider During a Site Redesign

If you are planning to redesign your web site then before moving ahead with your plans, you will have to decide the objective that you want to achieve with such redesign. There are various questions you need to have answers for so that the redesigned site meets your as well as your visitor's expectations. In the following sections we will look at some such questions which are of significance during any site redesign.

What is the goal to be accomplished through redesign?

Toronto web design companyBefore a Toronto web design company starts redesigning of your site it will be important to analyze the points which have made redesign necessary. You need to find answer for the following questions:

  • Is functionality on the site not up to required standards?
  • Are you aiming to create a better looking website?
  • Are sales and conversions not occurring as expected?
  • Has business focus has changed, necessitating a change in look and feel of the site?

These are the questions you need to find answers for before contacting any Toronto web design firm about redesigning of your site. By having knowledge of the problems you are facing with your present site, the web design company will be able to make necessary changes and create a better design that meets your expectations and requirements.

How extensive the redesign should be?

After clearly describing your requirements which have necessitated a redesign, the next task would be deciding the level of redesign your site would require. May be a small modification in content structure and visuals would suffice or it could be that you are looking for a total revamp of the site and addition of several new features. These are the aspects which your design firm will have to take into consideration at the time a plan of action is created for redesign of your site.

What the drawbacks of present site?

Before your Toronto web design firm takes up the task of redesign of your site, you and your designer will have to analyze and figure out the aspects which work and do not work for the present site.

This will ensure that the features which are causing problems for the present site are not added back into revamped site. Designers will have to analyze main components of your web site and check whether the components help in achievement of your business goals and objectives.

Is there any specific design style you want to incorporate during redesign of the site?

It is possible that you have a specific design style in mind and you want that style to be implemented while the site is being redesigned. However, before implementing the style the Toronto web design agency will have to consider whether the style would work well with theme of your site and accepted by your visitors.


To conclude we can say that redesign can give your site a fresh look and help you attract more visitors. But, you need to plan a redesign properly so that features important for the site are included and unproductive ones are removed.

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