Types of Mobile Apps

By | November 25, 2017

Apps are basically used by mobile owners for improving the task’s functionality. The good thing about smart phones is that you can practically do anything from your mobile’s browser. Even the complex tasks which were once done using computers can be completed with the help of apps.


There are three types of mobile apps, here is what you need to know about them and find which one is the best Thai app model.

1. Native Apps

These are installed using the app store that is usually pre-installed in a mobile. The apps available in the application store are made specifically for your mobile. The icon buttons can be found in the main menu and home screen of your phone. These are accustomed to utilize the phone’s features to its fullest. Most native apps have access to the GPS, compass, camera, contacts etc. Native apps can work even in the offline mode and they can use the notification system of the phone as well.

2. Mobile  Web Apps

These look a lot like native apps but they are in fact websites. Mobile web apps aren’t applications because they are implemented in an entirely different way. These are mostly written using the HTML5 and run with a browser. These are installed as a bookmark on home screen and opened like a normal website.

3. Hybrid Apps

As the name suggests, the hybrid apps are a mixture of native and mobile web apps. These are available in the app store and have the ability to use most of your mobile’s features however they depend on HTML just like web apps for rendering.

These apps can be used for doing several tasks on their own or with the help of a third party user interface. 

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