Prosperity Prayer And The Importance Of Desire

By | November 20, 2018

Developing a wealth consciousness is a lifelong undertaking. The majority of us are educated to become self-less and therefore, we frequently believe any want we have maybe a greedy one.

Lots of people I’ve known have just shut down their needs. You can visit¬† to get more info on prayers.


A legitimate prosperity consciousness necessitates that we understand what we desire and want it. The key is in needing it not for yourself but for the interest of sharing with other people.

I find this an extremely consoling and inviting position, for a lot of times we belittle our dreams, thinking they’re selfish.

You know the older BS (Belief System) that we have been educated…You desire too much; be more happy with everything you have, since there are so many that have much less, blah, blah, blah.

If we think that Dr. Cady was right, we might have defeated God since IT was hoping to provide us a larger good. We turned our backs on God’s existence at our”doorway” our thoughts. Poor God!

The Head of God, that over-abiding Presence is in and as everything, since It’s The origin, the ONLY Source. It’s made from Itself all that’s, so each one of us is just one of these creations.

We come from God, but we’re God Substance, therefore what’s true of God is true about people. The needs we have, to say and expand our own lives, is God trying to reveal the larger good that’s awaiting our approval. Our needs have a Divine Source!

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