Know About Wedding Planning Certification

By | December 11, 2016

Earning certification as a wedding planner is very important to get potential clients in order to maintain your business. Clients will feel comfortable hiring you over others who may not have the same certification like you.Certification can be earned through institutions and associations.

Wedding planner courses generally involves a certain number of courses that relate to wedding vendors, wedding traditions, etc. The first unit will give an introduction to the program, as well as an introduction to planning.If you have enough potential and creativity to make  career as wedding planner then why not find out more at

The second unit will define the role of a consultant, discuss wedding etiquette, and explain wedding ceremonies, customs, and traditions.  In the third unit, students will explore the bridal business with topics such as wedding vendors, choosing wedding attire, attracting clients, etc.

Unit four discusses topics such as kinds of weddings, working with clients, and preparing for business ownership.

The fifth and final unit includes areas in multimedia marketing, running a business from your home, and how to become involved in a bridal show.

Certified wedding planners may find positions at catering halls, bridal boutiques, fashion shows, formal wear businesses, department stores, or at their own business. The majority of wedding consultants is detail-oriented, self-motivated, creative, cooperative, and are good communicators.


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