Issues Or Problems That Horses Face

By | October 10, 2018

There are lots of unique issues that could develop with horse behavior but they could largely be separated in to two classes: ridden troubles and managing issues.

You first have to understand and analyses the way the horse has grown into an issue. It’s very important to evaluate your horse’ body language to find out whether he or she’s reacting from fear or has just learned bad behavior. You can also know more about treatment of joint repair in horses via

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You can usually see whether it’s fear and naughtiness in the horse’s body language:

  • Indicators of anxiety:
  • Body muscles tight
  • Head and neck held tense
  • Tail held closely against the rump or tucked between the thighs
  • Shortened measures
  • Best lip tight and forwards
  • Too Scared to consume a treat
  • Sudden and Fast reactions
  • Indicators of naughtiness:
  • Kicking out using a hind leg
  • Pawing or stamping using a front foot
  • Nostrils wrinkled
  • Threatening to act before carrying out the poor conduct

Now you’ve immediately established if a horse is fearful or gloomy, it is possible to dig a bit deeper to discover the source of the issue so you are able to remove it.

Reasons for anxiety and naughtiness:

Stimuli of fearful behavior: Pain or distress

Deficiency of knowledge and confusion regarding driver or handler signs

  • Deficiency of good training
  • Deficiency of confidence
  • Over punishment

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