Important Phases Of Web Development

By | May 18, 2018

Outlining all the individual phases that are handled through the web development process can be a very important tool in helping to explain to customers what it is exactly their site project will entail. This way, it’s significantly easier for clients to comprehend why programmers charge what they do and why it takes so long to get a job to be completed.


The internet development project is defined using a creative brief, and any questions regarding the goals or needs of the job are answered. This phase is usually utilized to ascertain the extent (size) of the job, and once it has, the project can proceed.


This phase is entered when a kick-off assembly is held, indicating that the web development project has officially started. The discovery essentially indicates the research that kicks-off the job – what’s the competitive landscape like, what will be the customer’s needs and goals, etc? A few of the factors discussed at the concept phase might have to be amended depending on the outcomes of the research. 

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Content Development

This stage often happens alongside another outlined stage (design), since it’s extremely tricky to finish either stage by itself. Content development basically looks at what content has to be included on the site. This phase may have a substantial influence on the addition or subtraction of web pages to the website, which explains why it is often completed alongside layout.


In this stage, the site’s information architecture is designed and it is prototyped start being tested. When the content was roughly developed and the amount of web pages has been finalized, the real design itself can be accepted. For web development, it’s actually important to complete this stage before moving onto another one, since it is significantly easier to make changes in Photoshop than in HTML.


In this stage, the site template is built and the individual web pages. Many web developers prefer to look at the site template periodically to make certain that the coding is working and up to scratch. Some design changes could be made in this phase, but when it’ll seriously impede the developer’s ability to meet the deadline that they could be left for now.


This stage is pretty straightforward – the site is launched and made live online. The web developer is going to do a comprehensive link check to make certain that everything is functioning, in addition to assessing any software or other features which have been included.

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