How to Treat Sensitive Teeth

By | July 8, 2019

Tooth sensitivity is something that the majority of people might have faced in their lives. There are times when you go out with your spouse, family or friends and cannot enjoy life's pleasures like hot coffee, cold ice cream, cold beer, or chocolate just because of sensitive teeth.

Some even fear that because of these dental health problems they will never be able to enjoy their favorite foods. There is no reason to panic because this is a common problem that affects millions of people around the world, especially adults. You can get the best treatment of sensitivity teeth & sensitive teeth whitening from specialists.

Tooth sensitivity is not an indication of the underlying health problem that is just waiting to explode. Tooth sensitivity is caused by a number of problems.

There are generic cases where a person is born with a problem whereas there are people who develop tooth sensitivity over time. Common causes can range from tooth decay, teeth whitening products and broken teeth.

Dentin which is the deepest part of the tooth is the most sensitive component of cold or hot food and in some cases sweet foods. When enamel – the outside of the tooth starts to wear out due to improper dental health, dentine starts slowly but gradually is exposed.

This makes sensitive teeth in contact with cold and hot food, sweet foods and cold air. Exposure to these elements usually causes extreme pain which can sometimes be very difficult to bear. There are also other opportunities when someone might feel pain when brushing their teeth or brushing their teeth.

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