How to Select the Best Wire Cutter

By | August 30, 2017

Wire cutters are hand-tools which are used to cut wire like sterling silver, copper and gold-filled. The blade of the cutters comes in various configurations that cover the likes of flush cutters, bevel cutters and end cutters.

Jewelry designers working with wires actually consider this tool to be crucial in their line of work. There isn’t any other tool they can use instead really. This tool can be used to cut specific lengths to be able to make different jewelry designs or to trim off the excess cables once a piece of wire was used such as in a wrapped loop. Wire cutter (which is also known as “เครื่องตัดลวด” in Thai language) can also be categorized according to its use like the cable or bolt cutters.

So understanding how essential wire cutters are, it’s important that you have the right information on what you should look for in a set. Knowing how to pick the right one actually makes it the ideal cable cutter for you. When you’re in search of the best wire cutters round, then consider the following tips while you’re searching:

First off, for flush wire cutters, they are sometimes described that they are normally going to be in the higher end in regards to tools price range. However, the expensiveness of the tool is cancelled out with a guarantee that you’ll have a very clean cut.

Next, try to discover a pair that have a spring handle. Well, if you prefer to avoid hand fatigue, then you will need spring handles. This will make your hands do a little less work.  You can also take Cord cutter (which is also known as “เครื่องตัดสายไฟ” in Thai language) for cutting expensive cable connections.

Also since you utilize these tools for work, you might want to own a few pair – a nice flush cut pair that may be used with smaller wire diameters and another pair that wouldn’t cost you so much but can still handle thicker piece of wire.

Lastly, we should not neglect the quality. Of course, the ideal wire cutters have a significant difference when it comes to the quality of the finished piece of wire jewelry. Are you seriously interested in making jewelry? Then cable cutters are tools which you shouldn’t scrimp on.

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