How to Repair the Pipes and Valves ?

By | August 23, 2017

Cracked or broken pipes and valves that fail are common problems that need to be dealt with in a sprinkler system. In this piece I will cover the tools, parts and details of fixing these problems. All the repairs discussed in this article are for PVC systems, gallivanted pipes will be covered at another time.

It takes some simple tools for these fixes, namely a shovel, PVC pipe saw, PVC glue and primer as well as the parts required for each job. Though the majority of these repairs will require some digging there are some way’s to cut down on the amount needed. The main way is in the selection of components for the repair.

The simplest repair to deal with is a cracked or broken pipe at a strait section. After clearing enough space to work on the pipe you need to gauge the area to be repaired. Here is where one of these parts I mentioned comes in. The part is called a slide fix or expansion coupler even though it can go by other names.  Click at to learn more additional info  about  Steam joints (also known as ” ข้อต่อสตีม ”  in Thai language )

Expand the slide fix and measure the precise distance that needs to be cut in the pipe and replaced from the slip fix. When everything is ready cut out the broken section of pipe. Once that is done follow the instructions on the primer and paste to prepare the components for reassembly. If the slip fix does not span the full area of the repair, a section of pipe and another coupler may be needed.  If you want to do more inquiries regarding Steel pipe (also known as ” ท่อประปาเหล็ก ”  in Thai language ) Checkout

Repairs to broken fittings are harder to deal with because you sometimes have to cut out great fittings and reconstruct the section. It may also be an issue when replacing valves or an adaptor to those valves.

Valve problems are a bit easier to pinpoint the cause. Water seeping from a mind or a valve which won’t shut off are a indication that the diaphragm in the valve is the trouble. A valve that fails to activate is a sign that the solenoid is bad or that there is a wire problem.

A harder problem to deal with is a channel that fails to come on. Before becoming frustrated with how to discover the reason there are two main suspects to check. The first is all the wire connections. In the best conditions rust or rodents can break a relationship.

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