How to Protect Your Dog From Heatstroke

By | June 17, 2017

Your dog should not be stopped from getting outside and play just because it is hot. Always try to plan your exercise in the morning or might in the evening when it is much cooler outside. If you wish to go out in the heat, then cut the time in half and take out some more time later in the day.

The human sweat gland is very different than dogs. They cool their body through nose, paw pads and tongue. Heatstroke occurs when your dog is exposed to extreme heat, high pressure, or high humidity, when they are unable to maintain their normal body temperature. It can harm your dog if not treated immediately.

When the dog shows sign of rapid breathing, increased salivation and heavy panting, then there might be a chance of heatstroke. Fatigue, staggered walking and muscle tremors can also indicate heatstroke. Your dog might suffer from diarrhea, vomiting, collapse and convulsions.

The only way to avoid heatstroke is to acclimate (i.e. expose your dog to hot environment over few days in a row) with exercise for short periods. If your dog show any sign of heatstroke then carry him or her to a shady, cool place and apply water to the neck, head and chest, then fan the dog with blanket to speed up evaporation.

The evaporation process will cool the dog and the blood. Do not use ice as it constricts blood flow and doesn’t lower down the dog’s core temperature. Provide your dog water with few ice cubes to cool the temperature. You should always take the dog’s rectal temperature.

If it is above 104 degrees, then cool down your dog by spraying him with hose or getting him or her expose to water immediately. When the temperature cools down then stop the cooling process. The cooling process might cause your dog hypothermia or may go into shock.

Make sure to take your pet immediately to the veterinarian for further treatment. The vet will provide several cooling process. They will provide electrolytes, and will also provide oxygen for the dog.

The best replacement for the loss of fluid is the IV fluid. For short use Pedialyte and Gatorade may be helpful. There is no such medication for heat stroke but some medication may prevent the complication of heatstroke.

Dog Grooming Singapore advise to look out for signs

During heatstroke a dog can quickly become dehydrated due to the excess loss of fluid from vomiting and diarrhea. The dog’s gums and mouth will get dry. Due to the loss of fluid the dog’s skin will lose its elasticity. The dog might also go into a state of shock. The eyes might get sunken and the dog may collapse. You should always note your dog’s activity after every outing with your dog.

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