Helpful Tips On How To Clean A Wetsuit

By | July 8, 2019

Wetsuits are not really your typical laundry that you wash in just a regular manner and you cannot just proceed to throw it into a hamper, washer, then dryer and consider the washing done. You must really have the basic knowledge at least about how to clean a wetsuit. It needs careful care and cleaning, and it should be washed carefully in making this investment last much longer.

When Hollywood fascination is at its peak with lifestyles and surfers, this suit has hit mainstream markets in the early fifties. To know that type of clothing it is, it is one type of garment, made usually through foamed neoprene, that is worn these days by divers, surfers, and anyone who is into water sports. The suit should provide them thermal insulation, buoyancy, and resistance to abrasion.

Once could also find varying types for particular temperatures and uses. It may range from thick and thin neoprene materials to one full eight millimeter. Further, they could be long, short, jackets or vests and may get complemented through neoprene hood, gloves, or boots. Therefore, cleaning it carefully is your top priority here most of all.

What is more important in paying attention in sizing is to purchase this. It must snugly fit and shall not get too stretched tightly. If ever you have quite the tight garment, all seams would pull and cause the longevity and also wear some problems. Another thing important to learn about is how you must put them on.

They are indeed durable, and are able to get punctured easily with objects with sharp edges like toenails and fingernails. What you must do is handling the fabric carefully with fingertips and without the fingernails. Since the garment is snug, putting them on slowly is recommended and done step by step.

For the pants, pull them carefully first using your feet then the ankles next. Next, try on working up your leg in sections, then pull gently until it could reach your hips. You must continue with your arms, then inserting it into armholes or sleeves as you carefully pull them up.

Furthermore, closing the collar is better as you pull up your zipper using the back of your shoulders. You should also ensure the collar flap is quite flat and tabs are not able to rub the back. When you remove the suit you should be working in reverse and also slowly.

What you must do is putting them in dry, clean places all away from trees, sand, and some rocks that could potentially snag its fabric. For full ones, wearing rash guards under it should make its wearing much easier and with less effort. After you wear it, rinse the gear immediately using fresh water.

One thing to take note of is never to use cool, trepid, or hot water at all. Hot water may lose the flexibility of neoprene. Never also wash them in washers or with other types of garments as well. What is recommended is using special cleaners for wet suits especially made for them.

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