Features of an Electric Fireplace

By | June 5, 2018

An electric fireplace is an electrical heater which imitates burning coal, wood, or gas. Electric fireplaces are usually put in traditional fireplaces, which could then no longer be utilized for traditional fires. They plug in the wall and may operate on a fire the only atmosphere or may be applied as a heater.

Electrical Requirements

Most versions of electrical fireplaces could be attached to a regular household socket. But you have to ensure this socket is on a dedicated circuit breaker usually means this breaker isn’t shared with any other sockets or light fittings and functions just one socket.


Never plug on your Electric Fireplace into an extension cable.

In case your electric fireplace is an integrated model that has to be hardwired, then a brand new circuit breaker and wiring is necessary. It is recommended that you should hire a certified electrician if you require new wiring to your plug or installing a hardwired version. You can easily buy best electric fireplaces through various online sources.

Features of Electric Fireplaces

-Electric fireplaces have lots of added features besides heating and fires. Every year there’s something new coming out.

-Remote control for simple fire heat and operation management

-Touch screen panel onto the fireplace for all the control functions which lights up when touched and disappears after a couple of moments

-Sleep timer for warmth and fires

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