Essential Superfoods for Healthy Living

By | June 28, 2017

Among the wide variety of healthy foods available, some foods are considered especially useful for wholesome living. These foods are called as super foods. A healthy diet includes healthy vegetable, fruits, and proteins which are the basic requirement of the body in order to keep healthy. Some super foods that are beneficial to health are explained as:


It contains numerous vitamins, metals, and plant compounds, this is one of the best superfoods that will keep you fit and happy. It contains a soluble fiber called as pectin which helps bowel movement and enhances the functioning of your digestive system. It also helps to reduce the cholesterol level in the blood, which in turns lowers the risk of receiving cardiovascular diseases.


Beans are rich in the fiber, protein, calcium, and iron. It also improves the bowel movement, reduces cholesterol level in the blood, and lowers the risk of colon cancer.

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Broccoli includes phytochemicals that can shield you from cancers and heart problems. It is a great help to lowers the cholesterol level in the blood and also assists detoxification and decreases pain.


Salmon contains essential fats which are known as omega-3 fatty acids. This superfood is useful for the cardiovascular system, joints, and cognitive health. They assist in controlling the cholesterol level in the blood.

Green tea

Green tea reduces the risk of cancer as it contains the powerful antioxidant flavonoids. It also reduces the dangerous cholesterol levels in the blood.

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