A Brief Introduction to Architectural Photography

By | June 17, 2017

Architectural photography is the photography of buildings, monuments or similar type of structures which gives aesthetic appeal and perfect representations of the particular building.

The architectural photography consists of various subjects like heritage sites, tall buildings, ancient palaces, bungalows, bridges and many more. However architecture is a broad subject. Architecture photographers are skilled in the use of specialised techniques & tools.

With practice you can establish yourself as an Architecture Photographer, so that you will shoot architecture in a more interesting way. Consult Sukhmeet Dhillon for viable information on topic.

Ancient architecture:

When photographing ancient monuments or buildings they are straightforward and simple buildings which show the simplicity and allurement of the building. These old architecture has some of the surrounding scenery and make it feel like more spacious.

Modern architecture:

When shooting modern architecture you can get eye catching views. These modern buildings are so phenomenal and it caught many imaginations and developed so eventually ideas. This changed how people felt about their cities and change their point of reference.

Photos make buildings and monuments a purely visual experience rather than spiritual or sensory experience.

There are some key points which are necessary for shooting an architecture that is discussed below:

  • Lighting
  • Shoot at night
  • Reduce distortion by using a longer lens
  • pick out interesting details
  • It’s not just about buildings

The qualities of photography for each and every element might fluctuate, but there are specific basic things, which if implemented will give you excellent results. They are in short several guidelines which can come in helpful if you want to ace in this field of work.

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