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Be a Writer – Learn Different Types of Journalism Courses

Let’s take a quick look at some of the fields of journalism that are available as online courses. You don’t have to love politics to find your way to journalism today.

Music Journalism courses tell you Just rapping your feet with rhythm is not enough, and sufficient. Then why not learns how to write about your favorite bands and albums? If you are looking for journalism courses in Ireland then you can check out www.fitzwilliaminstitute.ie/online-diploma-courses/journalism-courses/Diploma-in-Journalism-with-Online-PR-Modules-Distance-Learning/.


Food Journalism is if you have an appetite for all culinary kinds of stuff; check the menu on the food journalism course. Celebrity Journalism is like gossiping about what your favorite celebrity has done? Take a step further and learn how to write it!

Motoring Journalism is that you can’t get enough roar of a new supercar. Why not tell us why it makes you snore? Science Journalism is the latest breakthrough and healing of the latest miracles is very interesting and the world needs to know it. You can take a course in science journalism and be the one who tells us all about it.

Fashion Journalism, whether it’s on the catwalk in the latest fashion show or walking down the highway, your next blog or style article can benefit from taking this course.

Environmental Journalism is about Environment may be the subject of 2012 and beyond. If you are passionate about protecting the world where you live, this course will be very interesting. Health Journalism is another subject that almost all of us have personal interests. Subjects that are very valuable to deal with.

News Reporting, we really can’t do top 10 journalism and don’t mention courses in news reporting. If you like the idea of ​​being at the forefront of the news, this course can be your first step.

Women’s magazines, Yes, some courses specifically target the women’s magazine market. There are so many publications and everything needs to be filled. Your story can be what they are looking for.