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Benefits Of Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets are tremendously popular with people involved in supply chain management and logistics because of  the advantages they give. The continuous growth would be attributed to factors like durability, cleanliness, security, space saving attributes and a lot more.

These plastic pallets are very useful as compare to the wooden one. The pallets made of plastic are more affordable and provide lots of benefits that adds more value to these pallets.

Pallet express - Plastic pallets

Benefits of plastic pallets are:

  • 10 times long lasting than hardwood pallets, therefore cheaper alternative.
  • Environment-friendly because they are sometimes recycled hence reducing environmental waste.
  • Substantially lighter in weight which reduces transportation prices.
  • Have a sleek finish and layout with no nails or splinters which remove risk of harm.
  • Exempted out of ISPM15 which means the transport of products can be accomplished seamlessly with no demand for review.
  • Resistant to mold, and bacteria, even after repeated washing. Customization can also features text and logo imprints.
  • Simple to unload because they have four way forklift entry.
  • Stack-able pallets require less floor area thus reduce transportation price.
  • Spill/Bond pallets are a perfect and flexible option for producing workstations and storage regions


There are quite manufacturing plastic pallets nowadays due to the rising demand across the worldwide industry. While wooden pallets regardless of being a natural substance growth landfill, damaged or old plastic sheeting could be recycled to create new ones. If you’re still using wooden pallets to transfer your merchandise, change instantly to plastic pallet and reap its many advantages.