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Tips For Booking the Best Luxury Hotel

Whether you are looking for a city break or a romantic stay in the countryside, location is the single most important factor. If you want to explore the luxury hotel as a base, you need to be right in the heart of the city.

Generally, it is the little things which make a great luxury hotel stand out from the rest. Fresh flowers around the hotel and in your room are a good sign.

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Hotel staff that appears unbidden to carry your suitcase, call the elevator and show you where the breakfast room is located, all make great first impressions. Complimentary coffees in the foyer or hors d’oeuvres on the bar all make you feel comfortable at home.

Consider choosing a boutique hotel, where personal service should be paramount. Choosing a hotel with its own style or theme is important. While some luxury hotels are all about marble flooring and chandeliers, more contemporary hotels showcase great modern artworks.

A great luxury hotel should be somewhere you remember fondly years after, so it needs to be uniquely individual and special.

A great luxury hotel should provide a memorable breakfast to start the day perfectly.

A truly great luxury hotel is one that does not have annoyed added charges for valet parking, breakfast, newspapers, etc. It should all be part of the top-notch service you are paying for.