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Colorful Ground Cover Ideas for Shade Filled Areas in your Garden

They say that in old growth forests in the Amazon and in Africa, the ground beneath that endless canopy of treetops is about the most barren that you've ever seen. You might find that the same goes for your garden, too. It can be wonderful to have a huge shady oak tree or a cherry tree or something in your yard. What isn't so great is how all that shade equates to practically nothing growing underneath it because it blocks all the sunlight out. You can't grow grass or anything else. So, what do you do when you need ground cover for shade-filled areas? Well, Shona from Barmekin – a leading company of Aberdeen landscape gardeners has some great ideas. Read on to find out more.

You've plenty of choice when you turn away from grass and go for special ground cover for shade that's genetically built to thrive in less than ideal wind conditions. Once you pick something like this, you don't ever have to put up with a garden that's nothing but bare brown earth or dirty-looking mulch that is making the earth fertile even if there's nothing growing there.

Once you make a choice in groundcover for shade, you'll find that it's practically maintenance-free, while bringing a good deal of flower-filled beauty to your yard. The great part is, that these plants aren't exactly delicate things. They're so strong, that they'll beat weeds out.

Let's quickly get to the action now – the exact choices you have when it in comes to ground cover for shade.

Lily-of- the-valley is such a beautiful plant. Not only is it pretty to look at with all the little bell-shaped flowers, the flowers happen to be very fragrant too. Since it spreads very rapidly through underground rhizomes, you'll have to be very careful how you plan it. It can quickly get out of hand if you don't build borders to contain it.

For some truly colorful groundcover for shade-filled areas, try hostas. They come in all kinds of colors, and can grow no more than 3 inches tall. The great part of course is that you can mix and match all kinds of colors to get a garden that's filled with groundcover that's white, blue, green and gold. It just thrives even the when there is no sun.

And finally, if your area isn't completely shady, try the periwinkle. If it gets even a little bit of dappled sunshine everyday, the periwinkle should be a wonderfully colorful kind of ground cover to choose. And the white, maroon and blue flowers are simply delectable to look at.