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Benefits Of Traveling Apps

Introduction of mobile applications has made the experience of travelling relatively fun and easy. With the help of these applications you can easily find the required hotels, book plane tickets and other things. This makes a very handy tool that can easily be installed in any mobile phone. Following are some other advantages of using traveling applications:

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1. Customized services

Mobile applications are considered one of the best ways to target new customers and keep them engaged with your services. Now people are more attentive to information provided on their phones. So travel agents and companies have started providing customized services. This is the main reason usage of travel application has increased so much all over the world. There are different travel apps for different countries like Thai app.

2. Strong connectivity between travel agents and customers

If travel agents include the right features and details to their application then customers get more eager and willing to try their apps. These have become a bridge between travel agents and travellers. Another benefit of these applications is that you do not need a lot of time to plan your journey. You also do not have to waste time combining different plans to make one itinerary.

3. Updated information

Customers who use travel applications get consistent updates about their booking details, flight prices, hotel availability, etc. on their mobile phones. They not only send updates on the application software but also through push notifications and message alerts. Frequent travellers can also get discounts and special offers for their hotel reservations, flight booking and so on.

Apart from the above-mentioned reasons, mobile applications are very beneficial for businessmen who have to travel a lot for their work.

Successful Property PR Agency

If you believed that public relations were an optional extra in the marketing mix, a wonderful luxury if you could manage it, then think again.  You can browse https://relevanceinternational.com/services/ to know more about best PR agency.

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Public relations have become one of the most highly sought after advertising services available to property professionals because of its power in building brands and generating earnings.

Successful Property PR – Golden Rules

If you’re a property professional and want your company or really merchandise to be heard then follow these golden rules of successful real estate:

With new advancements coming to market almost every day and thousands of resale properties available, it is important to identify what is unique and interesting about your product.  Think about what would make a newsworthy press release, what would catch your attention?

Simply announcing the launching of a new development or a price reduction doesn’t secure column inches. The old adage ‘a picture says 1000 words’ rings true with the media frequently giving preference to property stories with higher quality accompanying images.

For print media, take high resolution, minimal 1MB jpeg pictures, for online media afterward low resolution, 72 dpi is acceptable.  Don’t forget to take external and internal images and always label the documents clearly.

 There is nothing more intriguing than reading about others and so having a case study, a prior happy buyer, can turn a 100-word mention into a two-page feature.

Make certain you have the case study’s full permission to be featured in the media prior to coming to any journalists using their narrative.