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Things To Do When Availing A Sandakan Tour Package

Courtesy- Asia Direct Travel

Sandakan is an oft-frequented town by tourists. It’s humid most part of the year, so rain can be expected any time. It is best to take along comfortable and breathable cotton clothes, walking shoes and sunscreen.

The currency of Sabah is Ringgit Malaysia (RM). To avoid discomfort amongst the locals, it’s safer to have money exchanged to their currency as they don’t generally accept foreign money.

Sandakan is eight hours ahead of Greenwich Mean Time (GMT+8), which means adjustment to a different time-zone is required in order to have loved ones updated accordingly.

Places You Must Visit

Sandakan is mostly visited because of its well-preserved natural beauty and parks and conservation centers and there are many Sandakan Anzac tours available. The Orang Utan Rehabilitation Center provides the great chance to watch the endangered species, up close in their natural habitat. Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center is ideally located next to the Orang Utan Sanctuary and is a developing rehabilitation facility with 43 rescued ex-captive sun bears. Turtle Island Park consists of the hawksbill and endangered green turtles for the tourists to watch egg collection, mother turtles being tagged and baby turtles released in the sea. Wildlife treated with unconditional care and scenic beauty to go along makes the trip an experience worth the expense!

Here is a brief itinerary of how you should spend your days in Sandakan:

Day 1               Sandakan

 Day 2              Sandakan Memorial Park

 Day 3              Orang Utan Rehabilitation Center

 Day 4              Sandakan Rainforest Discovery Center

 Day 5              Borean Sun Bear Conservation Center

 Day 6              Turtle Island Park

 Day 7              Lankayan Island

Following the above schedule, you are bound to enjoy your visit to Sandakan.