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Few Questions You Should ask Your Bathroom Tiler

When it comes time to get the professionals in to retile your bathroom, don’t be shy to ask them a few simple questions with regards to the job they are going to be doing for you.

Getting a few fundamental things cleared up before the work commences will ensure that the job is done when and how you would like it and it also avoids any nasty surprises once completed. By visiting http://guntiling.com.au/ you can get best tillers for your bathroom renovation.

Perhaps you have done a job such as this before?

It will always be smart to ask a tradesman for sources or when you can, speak to individuals who they have recently done improve. If you’re looking to take action that is somewhat unusual, make sure to check on that the tradesman you have appointed is up to the duty.


Are you licensed?

It isn’t rude to require a tradesman’s skills! With so many rogue investors out there today always ensure that the individual you are employing to do your projects has a recognized qualification.

How much time will the work take?

Establishing a period scale is essential to keep a grasp on costs. If you’re paying your tiler for enough time put in doing to work, it isn’t unusual for a tradesman to move the job to get additional money out of you. If you’re retiling your bathrooms together with other work, focusing on how long it will require will ensure the other work that should be done can be prepared for and completed in good time.

How much will it cost?

Always agree on a fixed price before the work begins. If you are working on a renovation then keeping a close eye on your budget is crucial. Make sure to get a quote in writing from the tradesman and never pay for any work up front.